We offer completely customizable SKYPE learning package! The opportunity to cultivate, process and enjoy the cannabis that you grew with your own two hands is something most people will never experience. We are passionate cultivators, and that passion is what drives us. We’ve eliminated excuses. The lack time, knowledge or support is no longer a good reason. You can schedule Skype lessons on your own terms. As leading grow consultants, our staff offers attentive support from seed to consumption, allowing you to grow like a pro from day one.

Cannabis Education - Products and Services


Getting started:
This evaluation session will provide you with information concerning indoor cultivation the equipment and tools best for your condition and needs. We will cover the overall germination process from what types of seeds to choose to which germination process is best for you.
The Various Strains of Cannabis:
A lesson on the types of cannabis varieties and the benefits of their uses.
The Seedling:
This session gets more into the stages of development, techniques for proper ensuring seedlings receive proper nutrients, adequate watering, monitoring pH. Levels, and ample lighting. We also cover transplanting and making/using the right types of containers.
Your Crop Participants will learn distinct indications that their crops are ready for harvest like, monitoring pistil colors and trichromes. We also cover trimming and seed banking, cloning and hydroponic growing mediums.
Drying, Curing and Storing:
As a means to support you with acquiring the best quality cannabis, this session will provide you with the best tips concerning drying, curing and storing your cannabis.
The Check-up/Plant-sitter:
A specialist will make house-calls to check on your plants. One ‘Check-up’ is included with the Full Cycle Package but visits can be purchased in one or more increments, with or without a package purchase.
The Higher End of Cannabis Products:
During this in-home presentation, we see and discuss a display of trendy new luxury products for growing, storing and smoking cannabis.
Preparation and Consumption In this cooking session, participants will learn how to use crops in a variety of tasty edibles. This can be a hands-on cooking session and/or discussion.