The Facts on Cultivating Cannabis in California

Why do I need to pay for a consultation before the visit?

There are several reason. Our goal is to fill our schedule with the most serious customers. We have such a wide service area that we require a financial commitment before the hours dedicated to your visit. Lastly, in most cases there is work before we make our way to your home so we are devoted to your success the moment we receive your order.

This article is great reading to help you understand about using and growing marijuana: http://hightimes.com/news/the-ultimate-prop-64-california-marijuana-legalization-faq/
We use an average. For calculating the average, we depart from the time between the germination of the marijuana seeds and the harvest of the buds. This period includes the time necessary for the actual growth of the cannabis or marijuana. This process can take from 8 to 14 weeks, depending on the made choices. There are several variables to consider.
The basics: A controlled environment, with a ventilation and exhaust system as plants do not do well in stagnant air. In a controlled environment like a tent or cabinet, you'll want a thermostat to make sure the room stays at the same temperature instead of getting too hot.A grow light with a vegging bulb and flowering bulb, nutrient supplements, timers, a PH tester for the water, water container, pots, high grade soil… in the least.
For a very basic set-up; around $500 but we are called UPSCALE GREEN for a reason. We focus on the highest quality grow and wish only to assist our cliental in producing the finest grow. The most common start up investment for small scale cultivation is $1500.
We will NOT work with a client who is growing in an area where marijuana is assessable to a child. We will NOT work with anyone under the age of 21.
Pets are disease-carriers, and your pet can easily infect your plants. Make your grow area off-limits to your pets. Really, 8 weeks of work down the drain is not uncommon.
There are no refunds on a consultatioan visit unless it is determined that we cannot be of assistants to you before we the visit. Your thoroughness in completing the questionnaire and/or a phone interview is crucial to allowing us to access how we can meet your needs. Refunds on products are addressed on a per item basis which is partly determined by the manufacturer. Read your receipt and warranty information before you make a purchase. Email service@upscalegreen,com to address any questions that you may have regarding this issue.