Cloudponics GroBox

The GroBox is a fully automated hydroponics grow system for growing plants
at home that you can control from your phone.

Using the Cloudponics App

Select Strain
A crowd sourced database of plant grow recipes allows you to give your specific plant the ideal conditions for it to thrive.
Select the optimum conditions for your plants to thrive.
Task Reminders

In order to achieve optimal results, there are simple tasks you need to do every now and then. The app reminds and shows you what to do.

Open the Door

Unlock your GroBox from your app, keeping it locked for anyone else.
Set the time at which your lights turn on, pair your app with your GroBox, calibrate your sensors.

    Features of the App

    Ambient Control
    Monitor the humidity, air temperature, and light. Control the extraction fan to keep these elements balanced.
    Light Schedule
    Allows you to turn the lights on and off depending on the
    crop’s stage of growth.
    pH Control
    The System maintains pH at optimal levels, at all times.
    Nutrient Control and Watering
    Proprietary nutrient control injects nutrients according to plant stage and actual plant behavior. Separate water tanks allow the unit to be self-watering with an autonomy of up to 3 weeks.
    A large water reservoir allows the system to run for 2-3 weeks without refill.
    Drying Mode
    Once growth is complete, you can dry your plans inside the GrowBox
    Odor Control
    The odor control unit keeps your home free of odor using
    active-carbon filters

      Frequently Asked Questions On the Cloudponic

      How does the GroBox connect to the internet
      The GroBox connects to your home’s Wi-Fi.
      When will the GroBox ship?
      The GroBox will ship in 8 to 12 weeks after deposit.
      What’s the estimate shipping cost in the US?
      In California, shipping is $200 on average (some locations can be more expensive).
      For the rest of the US, shipping is on average $200-$300 (some locations can be more expensive).
      Does the GroBox ship assembled or must I assemble it?
      The GroBox is shipped assembled. 

      How much can I expect to produce with each cycle?
      It depends on plant strain and plant genetics. When growing a high yield strain from clone, you should be able to grow up to 8 ounces per cycle (estimated 3 months). 

      How much electricity does the system consume?
      The GroBox has a very low power consumption, only using 300 watts for 12 hours per day, and 85 watts for the other 12 hours. 

      How much time must I dedicate to attend the system?
      With 30 minutes per week doing basic tasks (explained and reminded on the app), your plants will thrive. CAUTION, growing with the GroBox may be addictive, you may want to spend hours everyday just talking to your plants and watching them grow! 

      How long can the GroBox run by itself?
      The GroBox needs you to fill the water reservoir every 2-3 weeks. So if you’re planning on going on vacation, rest assured that the GroBox has your back. 

      Can I use clones with the GroBox or only seeds?
      The GroBox works great for both seeds or clones. Just specify it in your app and the system takes it from there.

      Cloudponics Box Dimensions

      Height = 67" Width = 28” Depth = 28”

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